Congrats Stavemill

Discussion in 'NKC' started by Owl Creek, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Owl Creek

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    Job well done Chris and Laura.
    they went to a LP hunt today in neelyville Mo.
    thier Lilly dog took first in the opens and 2nd best female.
    Knothead got 5th in opens and best male And best of show.
    if thats not enough his checker dog took 8th in the champs and 2nd best male.
    yall keep that up and no bodys gona invite ya to there hunts :hair:.....LOL
    good job guys:thumb:
  2. thanks steve we had a good day. There were alot of people asking where you was.

  3. Owl Creek

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    wish we could of went but i had to stay close to home. and kate is in heat.
    now i have to lay her up for 3 weeks. that kinda bum's me out. i planed on running her azz off
    go to a couple hunts and hopefuly finish at the state hunt but i guess that's not gona happen
    are you going to the LP hunt at BRBC @ Tiff next weekend?
    i seen a guy there that has a buddy who bought a pup from you that
    is close to a Year old. the guy that bought it was name bob DeVine,
    is that a littermate to kate?
    take care.
  4. ya bob bought 2 pups from us one pup is out of checker i think he named him slugger and the other is a litter mate to kate i believe he calls him whitey which dog did he have there?
  5. Owl Creek

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    he was not there dave hastings was there and said that bob was a buddy of his and that bob bought a pup from you.
    off to church.
    i'll give ya a holler later.
    take care.