congrats owl creek

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  1. just wanted to say congrats to steve and vicki for making BIG NOSE KATE
    LP bench Champion your on a roll buddy :clap:
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  2. Im sure she will make LP rabbit champion soon to she has the majority of the points she needs and is only 10 months old steve really has her stroking a rabbit.
  3. Owl Creek

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    Thanks chris
    we are sure gona try and make it happen for her.
    she was not on her A game last weekend but that was my fault.
    she will be more on key the 6th at the Tiff hunt.
    i found out this week i will be stuck on this shift for at least another year.
    so i will have to make it work for me.
    i'm gona give her some good running a few days thru the week.
    and see what she looks like. my goal is to champ her out by summer time.
  4. FB

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    Congratulations. :thumb: