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Do any of you have your kennels on concrete?

Im thinking about pouring a slab for mine but do you think it hurts the dogs or does any damage to their joints?
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yeap lot easyer to clean & dogs seem ta do better
have three pens on it a two above ground kennels
I have a 20 by 30 pad that is finished smooth with 3 10 by 10 and 6 5 by 10 pens I wash it down every day it takes about 20 min I also use a few above ground units. I have never had any problems with the dogs.
i would never get away from my concrete pens---easy to clean
Ive got a slab partly formed and hope to finish it within the next couple of weeks.

Ive been waiting around trying to figure out how to put a drain in it but Ive decided that it would be easier to just slope it toward the back and wash everything that way and into a pipe that I plan to cut in half longways and make a trough to wash it into a septic system.

Ive heard concrete is bad for pups but Ive never had a concrete pen before so I cant answer that one.
I have pups on concrete right now they are doing great
Mine are on concrete with a smooth finish to make washing easier.
I wash mine out with a power washer, and it takes just a min to do it. The only way to go.:clap::thumb:
ive had mine on concrete before but hard to clean in winter for me i now have above ground kennel on the slab and its much easier to clean and keep dogs smelling better
Above ground kennels are good if there built right, especially for pups. Concrete is the only way to go. Will not hurt dogs or pups. It's the best. Easy to clean, no digging, no fleas, keeps them off the dirt and healthier cause fleas and diseases are in the dirt and sometimes they may get skin problems in the dirt. Pour you a slab of concrete with about a two inch fall toward the back and smooth it out real good and I promise you will never go back!
I have my dogs in the off the ground kennels that I had built but I do have the concrete under that to catch the stuff and allow the "stuff" to run off. It is very easy to clean, no smell, and will last with little to no further maintenance. Worthy investment.
Concrete is very sanitary if you clean them daily with a water hose and you don't have flea or worm problems with concrete runs. I have wooden tables for my dogs to rest on off the concrete. I like a broom finish on mine, it helps keep thier pads tough and toe nails wore down.
same for me, wooden tables for the dogs to get on. mine really like it.
they also lay on the concrete alot so not really sure why they get on the tables. But I like the idea of giving them another option
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