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Well the trial bug has finally hit here at Sinking Valley. It's amazing how one bite from that bug can cause an itch that is hard to scratch. We've been rotating our dogs around trying to figure out our best combinations for 2CP. I still think Team Rabbitdogs.net (Mabel, Sis, Pepper, Sky) is our bread and butter but the Up and Comers Pack (June Bug, Star, Maggie, Red) is starting to shape up right in time to get them qualified for the nationals.
We've also been soloing our derbies trying to keep them sharp for some GDB/SPO action. We're gonna throw them in a couple licensed trials to see if they can get some licks in on the big dogs before putting them in some derby trials this spring.
I'm looking forward to traveling to different clubs and meeting some new beaglers. Hopefully we run into a few of our RD.net brothers!
Here are some of the trials we are planning on attending...
Sept. 11-12 Steubenville BC & Belmont Jefferson BC (St. Clairsville OH) are having a double header 2CP trial. It's a pretty long drive from home but it's double the chance to get lucky!
Oct. 2-3 Lake City BC (Somerset Ky) licensed GDB will be the young dogs first real test in field trailing. This will separate the pups from the big dogs.
Oct. 15-16 UBGF 2 Couple Pack Nationals (Morgantown Ky) This is where we probably get the smackdown put on us!!! LOL
There are a few more on the radar but these are already set in stone and approved by the wives. Can't wait to take this wrecking crew out on the road! Hope to see you all somewhere along the way!!!
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