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Rabbit Trap plans
I had some scrap tent poles and 30 gallon barrels lying around and made traps this afternoon. These are not pretty but thought it might help someone. Round, Octagon, or square all work off of the same trigger and basic design. I usually make plywood tops with wire stapled to it instead of a barrel top, 1/2 pvc for the guides, and a wooden dowel for the trigger with long screws running out for a bait holder. However, free scrap is better!

Barrel top is 9" high.
Wood Plywood Table Steel

Base should be 1-2 inches larger in diameter
Soil Wood

Trigger notch should be about 18"
Water Wood Gas

Bait holders at trigger base should angle up
Wood Tool Pipe Machine

Drill holes in center of top for trigger and for guides. Assemble
Food Dessert Dairy

Chair Metal

Bait, and happy trapping!

Wood's Weir Creek Beagles
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