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I had mentioned that I lost a Female pup that was at the Starting pen at the time I also took a Male . This Gentleman is a PROFESSIONAL trainer and he keeps the pups until they are RITE

With my work schedule it was not possible for me to pick Charlie Brown (Short Derby April 2020) up my running buddy had two pups there also so he brought Charlie to me this eve.

In the 60+ years doing this I have owned a few Males BUTT they don't stay if they aren't special- I did talk to the Trainer and he knows how I feel " If C.B .is not a Good'n he would have another home" He then told me that two people saw him run and wanted 2 know if he was for sale--CB had been @ the trainers since Oct.

My Buddy saw him run with two Fc's and said he was also interested SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it looks like Charlie Brown has a home I enclosed the pedigree

Wish me luck @ 72 I would like to Finish one



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I hope your wish comes to fruition you are still young enough to make the dog a FC. With the blood line you have it’s a great possibility. Good luck on your quest. Let us know how it is working out.
It would be nice to see a picture of your dog. JMO
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