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could you provide info about the trap size....bait used, etc. I have THE ITCH TO TRAP, BUT LACK THE KNOW HOW.
Sure, I target Coyote and Bobcat so I use a Number 2 trap. Trap selection can be overwhelming but I will say that I caught this coyote on a Duke Square Jaw 4 coil trap I bought on sale just to try. It’s a no frills trap but if you do some simple modifications it is a good trap. Then there is the primo trap, the MB 550. It has all the goodies straight out of the box. Most of my traps are Bridger No 2 4 coil. I only use 4 springs because I want the extra power to bust through frozen dirt.
Whichever traps you use I believe the most important part is setting pan tension and eliminate pan creep. That’s what I like about Duke trap is I get to do the mods myself, I file in a night latch, a hair trigger. If not into that the Bridger No 2 dogless trap is a great starter trap or the MB 550. I like a higher pan tension, to reduce accidental catches. I set mine to 3.5 - 4 pounds. I find with too light of pan tension you end up with toe catches.
Next most important part is bedding the trap. Meaning that when the trap is in place there is no wobble or movement. I learned how to use a hammer to tap the dirt towards the trap to lock it in place.
Bedding a trap is where I made most mistakes, too deep, too loose not deep enough etc. You will learn through experience.
The two sets I use for coyote are the dirt hole set and the flat set. This coyote was caught in a dirt hole set.
For bait I use Trap Shed supply predator bait and K9 curiosity lure. I have had luck with deer scraps I had frozen. I also buy coyote urine to “squirt” on the backing. I also use sheep wool in the hole as a visual and it holds bait/lure longer.
This set I made along a game trail intersection down wind. It was set for 10 days. I looked at it from atop of the ridge with binoculars. I do this to keep human scent at sight to a minimum.
YouTube videos are a good start but nothing beats getting out there and just try it. Once you start, you will have a blast.
Feel free to ask any questions.
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