Cattle Tags,Purple or orange?

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  1. I have been using orange cattle tags but all of a sudden my dogs are getting ticks.Are the purple better? The orange ones i have are about 2 years old could that be the issue? Thanks
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    I have new orange tags and picked 6 off my dog, not gonna use orange anymore. Went back to frontline.

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    From what I read about the purple tags they work great. Got a potent chemical in them. They orange are just permethrin if I remember. Just don't kennel young dogs together with them, they will eat. One reason I don't use.
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    purple have worked for me for years.
  5. Addi

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    I tried the orange a few years back, worthless. Last year I tried the purple and never had a tick problem since.
  6. those purple users do you use the whole tag on one dog or cut in half?
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    Would like someone to post a couple of pics of how they attach them.
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    The purple tags I used were folded over so you could just slide the collar right through the tag.
  9. I cut mine in half and use zip ties to attach it to the collar just be carefully when cutting holes in the sides they will rip
  10. I have the purple ones made by python is there a different purple one made by a diff company and if so you think it is better than pythons
  11. I use a paper punch to punch holes in so they don't rip then use wire ties.
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    C0B12BDB-3474-44E0-B128-C840D3165926.jpeg Purple 100%
    I use a couple zip ties. Never seen any harmful side effects . Works excellent.
  13. This is how I do mine. Full tag minus the top, I cut that off to make a rectangle, fold over collar, punch holes with an awl, 2 zip ties. Only way Ive found to KEEP them on long term without tearing and falling of. Only have used the purple tags.

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  14. Are those only good on ticks or will it work on fleas too
  15. Not supposed to work on fleas, or at least it doesn't say for flea protection but protects against flys, ticks etc, however in all the years Ive used the cowtags ive never had a flea issue come up. So IDK, luck or mabey it does? Works very good on ticks for sure, the best along with being semi-economical. Costs up front for a box but gives great warm season protection in 1 tag for me. In the long run you will spend much more on monthly treatments. Just what Ive found.
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    Haven’t had any problem coming off in kennel with just zip ties and sliding collar through. I do normally remove from collar or remove collar all together when running. Put on the Garmin mini’s. I’m not sure if true , but feel like the tags lose effectiveness when they get repeatedly soaked or heavy abrasion from brush when running ????
  17. I leave my collars on when running along with a garmin, so that is prob why mine came off using other methods of attachment. I have never noticed any loss of effectiveness with my dogs. Unless its a heavy tick year 1 tag will produce through the summer months into early fall. I put all new tags on mine 2weeks ago to give an idea of when I begin with them.
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    Please tell me your wife wasn’t on that trip with ya………… and if she was,..... PLEASE DONT TELL ME WHERE SHE WAS RIDING!!!!:)
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    I mean,.... it’s ok to love your dogs......... but dang dude!


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