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    Does anyone use Safe-Guard 10% suspension cattle dewormer for your dogs. I do but dose it by injection. I want to know can this be done orally.
  2. I've always just used ivomec but I've started switching up a little and using safegard for goats on my dogs. I give everything orally. I don't think there is much difference if any in the cattle or the goat safegard. I've read that it's called safegard because it's SAFE! So I'm sure it will b fine.

  3. i guess i've used safeguard liquid and equimax for many years now. everytime i switch to a different wormer i can always tell it in the hounds. this system is the best i have ever found, not that there's not better or at least as good, this is something that has really worked for me over the years. the ivomec thats in the equimax is also good for heart worms. i use 5ccs of safeguard three days in a row, everyother month the month i don't use it i use equimax. 1/2cc for each hound. so far so good.:thumb:
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    Safe Guard

    It is the same as panacur which is perscription only. It should be given orally. I use ivomec every month. I alternate safe guard and Valbazen every other month. I give it orally three days in a row. Adults 1cc and pups 1/2cc at 4weeks. Prior to 4 weeks I use nemex II 1/2cc 3 days in a row. All pups shipped must have health certificate and all pups have come back worm free for the past three years that I started doing it this way. All recomendations were made by my vet. Hats off to him for sharing this info with me. All of my dogs are slick and look great!
  5. Ivomec for heartworms of course--was giving 1/2 cc once a month, but on the recommendation of my vet I now give 3/10 cc twice a month, and have for maybe a year now.

    I have been using Safeguard suspension (10%) for several years now for intestinal worms. I give it orally for 3 consecutive days. The ratio I use is 1 cc per 5 lbs. of dog (i.e.--25 lb. beagle gets 5 cc's). I use to give it every other month, but my vet said it might be overkill to do so often, as he said ordinarily a dog only truly needs it maybe once every six months as long as they are showing no signs of illness and are on that schedule regularly. I still do it every 3 mths. for good measure though.

    I had an old mutt dog when I was a kid that died of heartworms (before my family or I knew enough about taking care of dogs and how important it truly is). From that life lesson there is one thing I learned and that is I will never be accused of not caring for my dogs because they deserve it! If you can't do more for them than just feed them, then get rid of them!!
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