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  1. mcstriad

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    Anybody ever had to get a c-section done on a dog? My Cookie dog just had 5 pups. One pup died inside and she was not able to push it out. She's at the Vet now having a c-section done to remove it ($1500). Is this unusually high? She's at a 24hr. emergency clinic. I'm sure it's more expensive because it's Sunday, but it still seems too high. Had to get it done though. Also, one of the pup's had the umbilicle cord chewed off too close and lost too much fluid and didn't make it. Ever seen that happen? Not having the best of luck so far this year.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    Extremely high even at emergency clinic. I had one done once at midnight on a weekend and paid around $500 which I was told was too much later. Got 3 pups.

  3. Nope not fer aan emer. clinic after hours. Especialy around a big city. Few year ago had the same problem on a holiday On weekend coast me $iooo,oo bucks then. Its a rip off but then again i didnt have to take her. Good Luck
  4. Jeff Gammon

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    We have had it done in the middle of the night by our regular vet. Usually 500 or 600 dollars for an emergency around here
  5. beagleman01

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    usually around about 350 here
  6. Bglenut

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    C-Section's around here go from $300 to $1500. Just depends on the vet you go too and what day/time.

    Most are in the $300 to $600 range.
  7. bglehound

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    That is very high, not sure what would justify such a drastic price jump :headscratch:
  8. mcstriad

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    I'm in NC. About 45 min. north of Greensboro. Really didn't have a choice in the matter. No way I was gonna let her just die. It sure is Highway Robbery but didn't have any other options. She's doing well and the pups are eating. Hope they turn out good. Hard to spend $1500 on what most would consider a $400 dog but I get attached like most everyone else i guess:banghead:
  9. Beagler282

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    Just had one done on the vets day off for $375.
  10. Harp

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    Hey Beagler where are you located
  11. RKW

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    I don't think my Vet would have charged 1/2 that much probably less.

  12. FB

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    I had one have a c section late last fall and my vet charged me $400 but it was during the week. I think $1500 was a rip off but what can you do?

    Ive had females chew the umbilical cord too close a couple of times. It was the first litter for both and hopefully it wont happen on their next one. I lost one of the pups but the vet put a stitch in the other one and it did fine.
  13. TC

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    Had to Have 2 done this year!!!!
    First one was after hours on a holiday weekend (BIG pup caught in horn) it lived $360.00
    The Second was on Valentines weekend After hours also (Dead pup breached) was $420.00 extra meds involved on the second only lost the ONE pup.
  14. salzer mtn

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    From what i've heard you want find many good ole country vet's any more. We used to have two close to my home town and when they first went into business twenty years ago they would go out on the farms and treat cattle and horses. But now they have reclassified themselves as small animal vet's and all they will attend to is cat's and dogs and other small animals. Also when they changed over they started charging more. You said that she was at a 24 hour emergency clinic. I think this is why they are charging you more, anytime a human person goes through emergency it cost a lot more. So i would say it is the same for dog's.
  15. Ken James

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    You know I have a couple of young dogs I think very highly of . Maybe it is time to start looking at animal heath insurance just like our own health insurance. I have one we might want to carry on our family health plan.I can not image charging prices like that. I fully understand not wanting an animal to die or suffer,but that doesn't sound like much compassion on the vet's side either. I know they need to make a living , but that still sounds steep to me. I do hope all goes well. K.J.
  16. mcstriad

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    She's doing great. Pups nursing normal. I was thinking the same thing while on the way to pick her up and thinking about writing that check. I wanted to raise @@@@ when I picked her up, but I knew what it was gonna cost. It was either pay or let her die. I'm gonna do some research and find a local vet I can call for future emergencies though.
  17. Hoot

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    1500 DOLLARS!!! did you get a can of Vaseline with that reaming DANG!!:down: