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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by RKW, Apr 25, 2010.

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    Well Friday morning I finally got a dozer on my property and put in some new lanes where I can get around the back 40 better. I had one spot with around 25 acres that only had a perimeter road around it and another 20 that needed some work too. They're not real smooth yet but easy to get through. Now I can see the rabbits and dogs crossing. I'm ready to run some more rabbits now. Now I need to plant some clover on them.

  2. Roger good luck with it , I planted clover last year in a plot & it did great while it was cool & as soon as it got hot & dry it died , every sprig of it. Check in to the choise of clover ya plant. The farmer coop guy said i planted the wrong kind fer that time of year good luck:thumb:

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    Off your back and right back at it.Thank God for your miracle.
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    sounds like you have the idea spot wish i had something like that, we will have to get togeather one day and run
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    Yea Tim it is pretty handy, and it would be fun for you guys to come down. We would have some pretty good running. You need to bring your 4 wheeler when you come. It isn't fenced so you need e-collars too. I can usually see a rabbit to turn out on for a quick jump.

    Rob I called the coop and they told me to plant ( Alice clover ) because it would grow all summer but they didn't have any in stock. I don't know where there would be any in stock do you?

  6. Roger i dont but i`m going to try it again if i find it i`ll call ya:thumb:
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    Alyce Clover

    her is a good link :

    Alyce clover ( Alysicarpus vaginalis) is a warm season tropical legume clover that grows upright to heights of 12 to 24 inches with pink flowers when it blooms in late summer or early fall.

    Alyce clover is an excellent food plot crop because it is high in protein and high yielding through the hot summer. It is heat and drought tolerant and a favorite forage of deer and turkey in food plots. Alyce can be slow to establish so using it in mixtures of sorghum, buckwheat or join vetch works well
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    Thanks David, I found it at River City Seed in Little Rock. That sounds like excellent clover for my use. I am going to put an innoculant mix on it and give it a try. I am wanting to get it on the dirt before it rains here Thursday. Thanks for the help.

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    Rob, River City Seed has it in North Little Rock. 501-374-0302. $

    93.75 per 50# bag.

  10. Bglenut

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    We mix ours with Vetch - Rabbits love it

    Peas is also a great mix. rabbits will eat the peas and let the clover grow a little more.
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    What kind of peas are you talking about David?

  12. roger it sounds like you been busy and i will come down there and go hunting with you
  13. RKW

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    Well come on Keith I'd like to listen to some good hounds run.