buildign a better rabbit dog....... maybe...

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  1. ok i might aaggravate some guys on here and if i do i appologize ahead of time. I own to registered beagles. one is from fc and gay blood lines and w/o diggin out the paper work I Know that my female is part yellow creek and i am not sure what elese. I realy wanted to breed my female to my 2 yr male. however my female. is too old to breed. the female was hands down best dog that I personaly or any of my grandad has owned. in the mean time my wife came home with a little basset pup. cute as a button lil flopped eared thing. she is now almost ayr old now and has only been hunted a few times but is showing lots of promise. I had a brain fart. I am thinking of breeding the male and the basset I figured It would have a lil more nose and longer ears. I am thinking I would prob need to breed one of those pups back to another beagle and make it about 1/3 basset. let me know what ya'lls thoughts are on this not into trialing or anything just thinking it might make a good hybrid.
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    Man I say go for it, after all its your time and money. I bet they will run a rabbit. :thumb:

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    I heard tell that it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature. :headscratch: If your willing to spend the time doing this who knows it might work out fine. :beagle::whistle:
  4. I know some hunters that had some half beagles half basset that was good rabbit dogs
  5. I know guys who use them for deer also. Only the bloodhound has a better nose than a bassett.
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    Nothing wrong with breeding up what you want, but a good beagle is hard to improve on. Thay have been breed up to do what they do, and do it well
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    hello a friend and i have been breeding a male basset on to some real good beagle females and its working out great hard hunter great line control and we get a lot of snow and we gun hunt them all season i have some that are three guarter basset and some are basset half beagle i have a male that i am going to use has a stud he has good speed and not many rabbits foul him i injoy having both packs good luck with yours i will foeward picture when my web site is completed
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    If it were Me, before i made this mating i would look at the pro's and con's of the basset after she got about two years old. The pups will more than likely have crooked legs. The pups will probably have long body's. A year old is to young to evatuate what this basset is going to make. Does every bassit run the same? what worked fore someone else might not work for you. If you make the breeding, what will you do with all the pups if they don't turn out like you want? IMO if you cross up a beagle to anything you are cutting down on your chances of getting rid of them unless you let them go as pets. I'm not trying to offend you but i gave you my honest answer. By the way what part of TN do you live in ? I also live in TN.
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    Why not try it. Plenty of beagles out there registered as beagles have Basset in them. All you have to do is look and listen to them to see and hear it.

    I brought a FC beagle home one time I was thinking of breeding to cause I judged him a few times and he was real nice. When I took him out of the truck my wife said oh no Mitch where did you get that and what are you going to do with it. I told her I was going to put him on a few females. She said look at him that thing is not a beagle look at him Mitch he's a basset hound. I told her he had papers saying he was a SPO FC beagle and she said you know you can put papers on anything please don't put that stuff in our hounds. She said if you want a basset just go buy a pup. She said you know those field trialers will do anything to win a trial don't do it Mitch put that thing back in the truck and bring it back where you got it from don't let that thing breed our beagles.

    The cross does work well if you get the mix right I see hounds that place in trials with it in them every now and then. It may be real far back but it comes back to the front at times. Shazam basset beagle that hunts and runs right!!!
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    So, what did you do with it?
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    :beagle: Are you kidding? I did what Booger Red commanded.:D
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    I think it will hard to improve on the beagle for hunting rabbits but if you want to try something new check out the Rabbit Hunter magazine. They have trials for bassets on rabbits. I would call some of those breeders instead of just breeding to any basset.
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    Jacob James in Ok. and Rod Moore up in Mich. are two that come to mind that had hunting Bassett's in the early 90's when the ARHA bassett competition was getting going.

    I watched a couple of the hunts and they hunted close and ran at a steady clip for the judge. Their nose and melodious bawl mouths would draw any farmer to lean on the gate post and listen for a while...:D

    I see no reason two mix the two breeds, they each have their own distinct attraction, imho.
  14. hey saltzer sorry it has taken me so long to reply I live in columbia tn. How bout you?
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    I live in Van Buren co.
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    Sorry, that was Rod Place that had the hunting bassett's up in Mich.
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    We had a neighbor when I was growing up that lived on the back of the 400 acre farm we lived on. He had a pair of what he called Beagles but looked to be Bassets even in my young eyes back then. The man didn't gun rabbits and just had them as pets. I have to admit those two dogs ran a good rabbit. I ran dogs every free moment I had and could hear those big mouth dogs running. I went over and watched them a couple of times, although they weren't my style they surely kept a steady race going and not slow as I thought they would be. They ran at a strong medium speed. The big mouths made it sound like they would of been just a slow track to track hound, not so. My dogs went meet them a few times and once my dogs entered the race they would give it up but as a brace I'm sure you could of killed a load of rabbits.

    Often I have questioned how much Basset some of the Beagles that I have seen through the years had in them. Had a guy come breed a female to one of my males years ago, claimed his female was registered but she looked like a pure Basset to me. Over the phone when he discribed her running style to me I had agreed to breed for a pup. Once I saw the dog I was wanting to back out but am to my word. It went way past the time she should of had the pups and I hadn't heard from him. Actually over a year so I figured she had missed, no problem. Then I came across the guys brother and told him his brother had bred a female to my male. The guy replies that yes she had, had pups and he had two of them and how good they were turning out. He was gunning with them already. I got stuck on that one but maybe better off. Sure after I heard that his female was probably not even papered.