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Am glad i held on to my little female she is getting better each time out and now she should be bred too--- Bellsburgs Buckshots Ball Buster -----they should be here last of march----or first of April------both sire & dam have Buckshot in them top and bottom,,,,,,,they should all stay 13'' and under,,,,,,,,,,,,Both Sire & Dam are b/t and some blu-tic on them they run a med+ speed Ball Buster can gear up or down...……….female still needs tracks,,she does better each time out,,,,,,,,No off game yet from them--------------pix's of Sire & Dam ...…Top pix is Fannie Mae -----Bottom Pix is Ball Buster -----------------THEY WILL BE HEAVY ON BUCKSHOT JONES,,,,,TOP AND BOTTOM-------BE LOOKING---------- tommyd
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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