Buckshot And Oak Hill

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    would like some of you guys opinions on buckshot r&r influenced beagles and oak hill influenced beagle bloodlines, from your experience Pros Cons from foot running style hunt jump desire grit and so on from your experiences. just like to hear honest opinions thanks in advance.
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    I have no experience with the Oakhill beagles but will relate what I know about Buckshot Jones. He was bred by the late Chester Haston of McMinnville, Tennessee. Buckshot came from a cross of RNR Joe Blue who was off of NCFC Flatlands Cody and Bell's Dora. Flatlands Cody was off of FC Flat Creek Blake (HOF) who was off of FC Wright's Shake (HOF). This cross of Joe Blue and Bell's Dora produced several good hounds, FC RNR Hey Jude, FC RNR Blueberry Will and some others I cant recall. Although Joe Blue and Dora were not successful in field trialing, they were great producers. In their time they were only average in speed but did possess other good qualities such as line control, nose and hunt.

    The last cross off of RNR Joe Blue to Starlite Rose was an accidental breeding, Chester was working on his kennels and put Joe Blue in with Starlite Rose who happened to be in heat. Joe Blue had failed to produce in his last several breedings because of his age so Chester didnt think anything about it. When he looked at them they were hooked up. Out of this cross came three FC little females. At least to me this would indicate that the producing genes came through RNR Joe Blue. This may not be a good assumption since Bell's Dora was never crossed on anything else but Joe Blue.

    However, the cross was a good one with Buckshot Jones being the most prominent and productive one of the cross. The best qualities Buckshot placed in his offspring were hunt, desire, line control and nose. What else do you need? Hope this helps in giving you insight into the Buckshot side.

    Larry Dunn

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    Me and my grandpa have both and crossed bloodlines as well.
    Both hunt well.
    Buckshot has flat medium to upper medium with closer Check work.
    Oak hill hunts like a machine with upper medium speed and swings some in the check. Not nearly as clean running.

    All of my females are buckshot influenced. I’ll post a video of my 8 month old buckshot/oak hill female and male running
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    These are the two oak hill buckshot pups

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    Here’s two of my buckshot females. One 7 and the blue one is 14 months
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  6. i like em cityus1,you got nice dogs for sure.
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    Thanks. They’re ok. We Kill rabbits over em so I guess they’re doing their job lol
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    Thanks for all the good input and videos nice dogs for sure.
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