Bringing a gyp into heat.

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by plumber, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. plumber

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    Well as I stated in a earlier post, I am going to bred my two gyps. Both of which are sisters. Well I stuck my female fiest in the pen with them of which is in heat. Both of my gyps humped their butts off untill they came in today:clap:. It took 5 days from first putting that female in the pen with em, untill they started showing themselfs, going to have 2 litters at the same time if all goes well.:up:
  2. Bglenut

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    How you breeding too? What is their pedigrees?

  3. plumber

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    Here is a ped to my two gyps, Lock-on and Fed-x

    Well first gyp will be bred to a male called Harps Rebel, he is straight out off Geralds Rabbit Road Ban jo, and Bridges Dot Eyed Susie

    The second gyp is going to be bred to Robs Trouble. He is out of Rambo and Suzy. Here is the ped to him.

    As you can tell, love that Dot eyed susie blood!:thumb:
  4. Bglenut

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    Good luck with the breedings and pups.

    I have seen most of the hounds in the back part of the pedigrees. Some great ole blood in there and some that was just good.
  5. plumber

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    Hey Blgnut, what is your favorite blackcreek hound? Did you ever get to see Ban jo run? Thanks, sounds like you have seen most of the better known hounds of the south.
  6. Bglenut

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    Yes I have seen Ban-Jo run several times - Nice hound - I finished a female out of him and Bulter's Jill - Sadie is the Dam in this pedigree - - I have owned several other hounds that Ban-Jo was the sire and a lot more with him in the pedigree.

    My honest opinion - When Mr Bridges brought in the Backroads Buddy dogs to breed to his females, he took a step back for his breeding programs. (well for a trialing hound - med to med plus speed) I know why he did it, cause I have talked to him several times.

    Now don't get me wrong here - Mr Bridges still produces some GREAT hound with his crosses, but it just didn't work for most SPO trials, they worked great for the TCP trials and the people that enjoyed the run hounds where the hounds would run tight and hunt, but their speed dropped down a little.

    I am glad to see Mr. Bridges got Cotton Country Stokers Ace -- -- in his kennel now and going to breed his female to him. Ace is a nice male and has a brother that finished quickly in the SPO trials.

    You are right, I have seen a LOT of different Blackcreek hounds in my short life (36 yrs old). I have followed a many hounds in the field and that is where I get 99% of my info on a hound. I am not a tailgate hound person.

    Any more info just ask,

    David N. Riley II - Bglenut
  7. Bglenut

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    Oh Yeah - My best Blackcreek Hound ?

    Well is it hard to just pick one.

    I will name a few :

    FC Briarcreek Little Sadie Ace - Dead now
    FC Briarcreek Major Pain - still in my kennel
    Peacocks Major - Dead now


    FC Pon Run Toby
    Pon Run A Train
    FC Blackcreek Timber
    FC Cotton Country Cricket
    FC Cotton Country Black Joker
    FC Cotton Country Rock
    FC Cotton Country Buck II
    FC Cotton COuntry Bo-D (Cotton Country Stokers Ace full brother)

    And the list goes on ......
  8. huguejm

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    Hey David I agree with you.

    Last week I bred a good 9 year old double bred FC Mcnair Prince female to Bo-Dee.

    I'm breeding my Speck bitch she needs a win to FC Bo-Dee this weekend also.

    I'm also breeding a real good FC One Way's Justice bitch to Buck this weekend too. I will start trialing this female next year.

    Gonna give em a try.

    Mitch Huguet
  9. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Mitch - will you be at the DSBGF Run-off tomorrow or Sat. I need to talk to you if you are.
  10. huguejm

    huguejm Active Member

    David I'm leaving work early Saturday so I can get to the trial to see the winners pack.

    Call me anytime at Work-504-257-0257 or Home 601-749-8504. I'm at my desk now.

  11. plumber

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    Good info bglnut. I like my dogs to run a steady rabbit, and yes throw a dip net over them all when they come through! Most of my hounds run a good upper med speed. I have had a couple that were just two slow. I will say ole Locky and Feddy both just need one rabbit, cause when their on it they are glued to it:up:
  12. plumber

    plumber Active Member

    Forgot to ask you about Cotton Country Looney Tunes, ever see him?
  13. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Sorry - I have never seen him run.

    And - I do like my pack to stay TIGHT and close, but in a med to upper med speed.