Briarcreek Major League

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  1. Jeff Gammon

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    Stud fee $150 or pick of litter if bred to a blackcreek bitch. Borderline, clean and close with good hunt, medium speed
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  2. RKW

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    Jeff, Major is a good looking hound. :up:

  3. One of the best looking hounds around.
  4. Bglenut

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    Jeff - Glad to see you put League on here.

    He was the best looking pup in the litter. Diamond had 12 pups in her and after the c-section there was only 6 live pups and we raised all 6. League was the only male. I still have his Dam and still gun hunt her. She is a great female and his Sire was the best male I have ever had in my kennel.

    Good Luck with League and I hope he Sires a lot of pups for you.

    David N. Riley II - Bglenut
    Briarcreek Beagles
    Madison, Ms
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    Congrats with League! I will be breeding his sister to Terry Nelson's Deacon dog when she comes in a month or so...
  6. knotts

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    What is the pedigree on League?
  7. Jeff Gammon

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  8. FC Shilo

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    Jeff thanks for the look at Major League I had a good time, it was well worth the trip and had a good time talking with you. We got to the house about 4 pm all in one peice. Major is enjoying his new spread.
  9. Jeff Gammon

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    John Sharred now owens Major League. Thanks for letting me run with your FC. That is the first FC I have had the pleasure of running with. Dad and I also had a good time, we love to talk dogs. Glas you guys had a safe trip home
  10. FC Shilo

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    Major is a nice borderline 13" dog close clean accurate gritty medium speed dog honest mouth lots of hunt will jump when others cant easy to handle. If anyone is interested in breeding to him. Pedigree link

    Contact john sherred 318-455-1905 bossier city LA
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