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  1. rosco

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    Going on the 50/50 concept: IF a breed a fast dog to a slow dog do I end up with a med. speed dog ? or will some be fast and some be slow. Mom is line bread fast and Dad is lin bread slow.
  2. Bglenut

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    You will get all types of speed, some will take after the sire and dam, then there will be a mixture of the 2.

    The first outcross will produce some good pups, but it is the next few crosses of the offspring that you make that will prove if the outcross really work for your breeding program of not.

    Just My Opinion Only

  3. rosco

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    Thanks bgl.
    I hadn't considered the fact that the 2nd generation will be the generation that shows success or failure.
  4. Bglenut

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    Just remember - If someone makes a outcross, the only way to know is to keep all the pups and start them to see how they do.
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    great advice beglnut