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  1. I am new to all this and i know there is more to breeding than just putting 2 beagles together and hoping a good pup comes, i'm asking the "experts".
    For example, say i have a real good dog, a real rabbit huntin' go getter and i want to keep getting pups like him and start building on that obviously i breed him to a gyp, but after i keep male pups or female pups? where would i go from there?
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    If i was wanting to build upon his bloodline, FIRST: I would get a female of the same bloodline. A lot of people think that if a popular dog is mentioned one or two times in a 5 generation pedigree then it qualifies that dog's bloodline to be called after that twice mentioned dog. I disagree, the reason: look at all the other names in that pedigree and everyone of them might be a different dog and carry traits that are totally different from that twice mentioned popular dog. I've also seen beagles on the forsale board adverticed as Hank's JoJo Blue bred. Old Hank has been dead for around 25 years and he don't have any direct influence on any dog alive today. People say these thing either from ignorance or are just trying to sell pups. SECOND: After i got a female of the same bloodlind as the male, let me say this before i go on, if both your sire and dam are LINBRED the same bloodline your on the right track. Ok, now if the female has a lot of the same traits as the male and the traits you like then to me your on the right road, go for it. If your wanting to find out how the pups are out of this cross i would keep them till their around two years old before i culled anything. When you are choosing your pups to keep don't be so attached to them that you will be kennel blind. It really helps when breeding two dogs together that are already linebred to have a knowledge of every dog in the pedigree. If you don't know, at least try to find out about the first three generations of sire and dam.
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    Great Post


    I love it when some one is selling a hound or pup and saids it is Warfield Red just because it is a red and white hound. I laugh at them. Ole Red was a tri-colored male and has been dead for 40 years at least.
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    have bred dogs, but not any beagles, but I agree with the information listed above... In my opinion, a dog has to be a least 50% or more of the famous dog to be considered a such and such dog....most people don't like to bring it up because of the negative feelings about inbreeding, but the bottom line is if you don't inbreed or at least line breed very tightly, you can't set the traits...If the people of the past didn't inbreed, there would be no breeds today...
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    Bglenut, I know what you mean. The same goes with weircreek too. Most of the original "weircreek" dogs are back 4-5 or more generations back, and it's getting like that on "blackcreek". Now I know this will probably ruffle some feathers on some folks, I but those original lines usually go a pretty good ways back.