Breeding for coat color questions

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    Dude, you dug back three years to find this... My advice is to breed for ability and worry about the rest after you accomplish the hounds that run the way you want!!!!!
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    If your blk and tan has any history of red in its lineage you could get some red and tan like this one. 20200523_205716.jpg

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    If your lemon female has the light colored nose and you breed her to a male that is colored the same you will not have any black on any of the pups. If you breed her to a tricolored male, you won't get lemon unless he carries the recessive gene. If one of his parents were lemon you would know he was carrying it. I don't claim to completely understand all of this but in my experience if both parents are red or lemon dogs with the light colored nose they will produce the same, if they have the black nose and dark eyes they will sometimes produce tricolors. I do agree with Semnhunter, there are a lot of other traits I would worry more about than color.

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    I like all of the colors of your dogs!
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    Dan and Nancy Lefgren were show judges and very interested in structure and coat colour. Nancy told me chocolate/liver was the recessive of black.
    I've had a tan\white hound what some would call lemon, with a dark eye and slate nose, bred to a liver/tan male yellow eye and eraser nose, that produced 7 puppies and one in the litter came out a traditional tri-colour saddle back and the others various shades of red, tan and lemon. Talk about a pup that stood out, if I hadn't whelped them myself, i'd swore somebody slipped one in on
    If you have lemon or tan with the dark eye and dark nose, you carry the black gene. The black pad on the foot is another indicator.
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    SR that is the same thing I have seen.
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