breaking a dog off deer...

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  1. just curious about all the different methods of breaking beagles from running deer...
  2. deltadog

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    Only method I know is take full advantage of the highest level of shock from your shocking unit. They usually gets a good, quick response.

  3. well... the shocking collar seems to work, but if youre poor like me, I just cuss under my breath and go to the truck and drink a coke, and hope they come back soon. Last year I had two that would run for the rest of the day if they jumped em. This year, they would run for about 20 or so minutes. I have one that has quit running them all together. IMO, when they are pups, they want to chase something, and as long as it stinks and runs from them, they don't care what it is. So I say, be patient, and they will outgrow it. And if you get tired of that, I'll take 'em off your hands. They're some good lookin pups
  4. haha, no, i wont be getting rid of these little boogers, their gonna be super good dogs. i dont have the deer problem yet, ive just heard of a few different remedies and was curious of what some of the guys on here had to say about it. but, thanks for the complement, i happen to think they are good lookin myself:D... tonight we bought my dad his first beagle in years, a beautiful little female. i'll post pics as soon as i can.
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    before i had my collars, if a young dog ran a deer, I would put a deer hide in a metal barrel with some small 1 inch rocks. I would put the dog in the barrel and roll it until the dog got sick. I would do this several days in a row. I was told that the dog would associate the smell of the deer hide with getting sick and the rocks hitting them and they would shy away from it. i don't know how effective it is all the time, but i know it use to work for me.
  6. I've heard this before, anybody else tried it?
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    Tri-tronics is te best cure that I know of. Alot of other remedies the dog will associate with you. ( In the past I would run them down and whip them with a dog leash ) With the collars they don't realize you are pushing the button that causes the shock. I think this helps alot
  8. :D I have a 7mth beagle that is tracking on his own (he doesn't run with a pack). One of the first phases of training him off deer/turkey tracks that I've used is a rather simple one. Since I leash him with a short leash whenever I go out with him to an area that he will be running in, we usually walk some distance in to the area, and there are almost always tracks. Every time that he notices a track (and responds with interest), I yank the leash HARD, and say"NO DEER/TURKEY!!!!!". He usually begins to ignore the trackings. However, when I have the shock collar on him (which is always), I will also frequently use it, so that he is not sure where the discipline is coming from:headscratch: . He has been reasonably consistant with ignoring these tracks. He will, however,
    always have a shock collar on, because beagles tend to forget when they want to:smack: vwc
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    deer breaking

    i tried the barrel thing havnt ever had deer prob but did it to be safe not sure if it works or not
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    I us shock collars to break off deer and where I run there are as many deer as there are rabbits. I think the most important thing is to allways put the dog back on rabbit after you shock it for running deer. If a dog has enough brains it will figure out whats good and bad. It also dosent hurt to have a taddle tale dog to help when your not sure what there running. I run a older broke dog that will come to me if it is wrong.
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    use my shock collars
  12. DismalDawg--putting the dog back on the rabbit track is a VERY practical addition to the other methods! I've done it, but never thought of it in light of following up on discouraging deer/turkey track problem. :up:
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    The barrel thing works.
    I was told that the dog believes the deer just beat the tarout of him and wants nothing more to do with any dude that can beat him like that
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    Shock collar once, then it depends on how far they are when running a deer. If far then a 30-30 or 30-06. Up close 22. I first try and give them away with no papers. I have apsolutely no use for a trash runner. Too many good hounds out there to put up with it.
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    Here in NC we run dogs on deer and a good friend of mine takes all the culls I can find him that cant be broke. Beagles make some of the best deer dogs I have ever hunted with. We have a lot of small woods in big open farm land and beagles are alot easier to handle so we can hunt several woods in a days time. Plus the beagles dont push the deer as hard as big hounds and makes for easier shot .
  16. Spini Boys

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    Here in Kansas its against the law to run deer with any kind of dog. I wish we had someone that would take a trash runner, but here its one of those things folks want nothing to do with. We have as many deer as rabbits it seems (not to mention fox, yotes, cats) so if you have a trash runner you may have a off race everytime you go out. Now dont get me wrong I am more patient with pups, but once they are a year or so old I know if this is going to be a problem. I will also shock a hound and try to get him to stop ONCE! Then I have given a few away as pets or farm dogs. However if none of the above work, I will not bear the cost to keep it.
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    I've got a spot that is just loaded with deer,and rabbit. When there pups i take them down there , and get them on rabbit. There running rabbits,but i know there's fresh deer scent around ,i think they learn to stay off the deer. My thinking is your not going to avoid deer for a hounds entire life so put them around them.Just as long as there's rabbits around.
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    SHOCK COLLARS WHAT A WONDERFUL INVENTION:up:I dont believe in the barrel thing to me thats just plum mean,i will say this again a beagle is a dog but but a dog has feelings to guys,and i dont believe in over doing it with a shock collar either,hey put one around your neck and turn on full blast before you abuse your dog! Im just sayin ya know
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    I had a friend that I use to hunt with that never wanted to go where there were deer at and I always told him that you couldnt breakem off deer if they never smelt one. The main reason I break all of my dogs is so that I can hunt in some real nice places with lots of rabbits that most of the guys that have deer runners wont go.