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  1. rosco

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    What stud dog out there would you bread your bc female to ?
  2. i got 4 i'm breeding this year, one to FC Bo-D, one to FC Gomer, one to Copper which is a brother to FC Cotton Country Rebel, and one to FC T-Bone.

  3. Bglenut

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    It would really depend on the "FULL" pedigree of the Female that is going to be Bred -

    Just to name a few :

    FC Briarcreek Major Pain,
    FC Briarcreek Little Droopy,
    FC Cotton Country Bo-D,
    FC Midnight Mister,
    FC Bayou Country Diesel,
    FC Steve's Bayou Smokey Joe,
    etc ....
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  4. Jeff Gammon

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    I did breed my female to FC Hagans Rebar. Rebar and his littermate brother Reject both finished, and they had another littermate brother that probally would have finished but got ran over by a car. 3 littermates that could finish out of one breeding would be pretty good.
  5. plumber

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    Robs Master Hound Double Duce, great dog and a producer at that.
  6. It would depend on your female (what you would add or take away from her) but just to name a few that seem to be producing the real deal right now is.....

    FC RNR Buckshot Jones
    FC Rapid Run Lil Caddy
    FC Choptalk Little Cooter
  7. Harp

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    I also depends on the strengths and weakness of the female and the not breed two weakness together
  8. plumber

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    Rob just posted some Duce pups, you can check out. Dont get any better than that:thumb:
  9. I probably sound like a broken record, but I wouldn't be scared to breed any blackcreek female to Brushfire Jabbo. I have witnessed several top rabbit dogs that are sired by Jabbo, as well as, grandpups and great- grandpups.
  10. FB

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    I probably sound like a broken record to but Ive only seen one run enough to say too much about him and thats Rebar. I like everything about him and cant remember seeing him make a mistake. I dont know if thats bred into him or because Jeff has run him so much or both.
  11. Like FB said , i also watched Rebar run & he did nothing wrong. Jeff brought him down & we ran him & Duce togeather. We breed Duce to a Rebar gyp cant wait to see how they turn out
  12. WHITENERS...he is producing the real deal!!!...the proof is in the puddin so to speak!!...i guess it all depends on what you are looking for!!!...i like hard hunt and desire!!!...great nose...gears to get to depending on the scent and conditions...speed to burn...and the brains to put all that together!!!!...but thats just me!!!...LOL
  13. blubeagle is right its all in what you want ta feed some like harder hiting hounds & some like a more med. speed hound. I would look & find a good stud that produes the type hound you like & go from there
    Jeff called the other day & said a gyp out of Rebar finish in spo