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  1. DavidBruce

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    Does anyone on here hunt Branko bloodline dogs? I have a neighbor that I have began to hunt with some and he has some Branko dogs. His have a ton of hunt and alot of speed and they look great in the thick stuff. Has anyone else hunted with Branko blood dogs? I have been looking around trying to find out some about them. If I buy a pup it will be to hunt them(not field trial). What do you think?
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    I think it would depend where you live. I live in Mississippi and owned three Branko dogs years ago. I found that they were not very good at running cottontail rabbits. They did not have the nose or patience. Just my opinion.

  3. DavidBruce

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    Thanks HunterMS. I appreciate the reply.
  4. salzer mtn

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    I have always heard the Branko's were wild and crazy but recently i bought a young female that is Branko and she has a ton of hunt and runs a line straight, about a 6 on speed and can really get those checks. i guess they are like any other bloodline, some are good some are not. I have owned a few Blackcreeks that were good dogs but the ones i had were timid to a certain extent, but i'm sure all of them are not that way.
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    I've only owned one but have hunted with a few. All of them hunted thier tails off! They were bred to run snowshoe hare so I'm sure they are best at that. The ones I've seen lacked patience in the check area and were competitive to the point of causing dog checks in tough scent conditions. I have seen some hare hounds from the same litter do an excellent job on cottontails while others not so much.
  6. I have onwed a few Branko dog's even got 2 dogs from branko him self one running and one pup the pup we started here and she was in the maken of a really good dog till she was hit by a car running a rabbit the running dog couldn't stay on a cotton tail but she didn't do to bad on swampers but we couldn't keep her off deer and she could smoke one of them I started all over this year and slowed down to more of the SPO type dog and i really like this style dog for hunting some can get a little slow for me but for the most part they run what i call a good med but like a old man told me your feeding them so run the dogs you like
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    SPO dogs come in different speeds, thats the reason trialers favor different locations because of the speed issue. I have a spo female, her sire is FC. Tucker Run Kid Mokie Bear and she is faster than my Branko female. I have learned by hands on experience that all Branko's are not wind splitters.
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    I have seen several Branko breed hounds and most couldnt turn down a deer no mater how much electricty you put threw them. Some could run a rabbit ok but were a little rough.
  9. I have a 9 mos old BRanko Bred gyp... have had her out a half dozen times... just came out of heat so I am fixin to start pouring the tracks to her. She has acted like any other pup... scared at first... unsure as to what to do... The last time out... lots of snow so the rabbits were not pushing so well... she opened then.

    So will have to see how the spring fairs.

    I have been led to believe the newer bred brankos are not the wild and crazy of the old days. I have to believe that if she is trained with my hounds, and their running style, and as a result is not shown to follow or hunt that deer scent... then she SHOULD act as they do... I am anxious to see if this is true.