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brand new Benelli Nova 12 guage for sale or trade

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I took it out of the box last night and on its first hunting trip this morning and never fired a shot.

I got it on a trade and just dont really need a 12 guage pump.

I dont need dogs so what Id like to trade it for would be either a .410 pump or a 12, 20, or .410 o/u. If the value is more or less we can make up the difference in cash or whatever.

I prefer the "cheaper" o/u's cause if I get one its gonna be for rabbit hunting and I dont want to get one of the nicer ones all scratched up.
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I can come up with you a over and under do you want a 12 or 20. Let me know this is Keith up in Broseley
Thanks for the offer but Ive wanted an o/u for a long time.

Keith-Give me a call when you get a chance.
Ive still got this gun if anyone has one that I listed that they want to trade for.
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