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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Crossroads, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Went out to check my trap in the barn something been getting my chickens.Well I had something in it I a skunk and a possum in the same trap
  2. plumber

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    Now that is a catch. What did you use for bait?

  3. BRamsey

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    They will both eat chickens. Were they live traps? If so how did you get the skunk out?
  4. RKW

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    lol,lmao, That's my kind of luck. :smack: Well at least you saved the chickens. :clap::up:

  5. Yes is was a live trap I use dog food I got the skunk out with my shot gun
  6. RKW

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    Crossroads did you get the smell out with the shotgun too? lol I have a problem with skunks on my place also. I used to shoot them but they stunk for so many days I just asked them to please leave the premises and told them that they were not welcome here. No use for skunks.

  7. I tried that but the but they keep coming back so I do the next thing
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    lol that would be my luck also