Boot Leather Tough

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Linewalker, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Linewalker

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    Football.png My high school quarterback DL Jones described me on a recent blog as "Boot Leather tough" I looked for a video to post I found this's gonna take boot leather tough to get me throgh these tough times....did have a no fever great day today and hope to be back to my treatments next week.
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  2. JohnnyT

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    Mr. Chuck we know you are tough, hang in there you can beat this thing. You'll be out there running the hair off those black creeks.
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  3. Curnel

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    We’re behind you all the way Mr Chuck you got this brother if we can help just say the word
    Enjoyed the video as always
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    Linewalker- I am glad you had a no fever day and were able to run your dogs. They kept digging to keep that rabbit going, it was a nice video.
    I like what DL Jones described you as "BOOT LEATHER TOUGH" , I am going to add on to it as you will TACKLE, (picture) the situation you are in and will get back to your treatments and beat this thing. Keep fighting and posting videos.
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  7. Circle4p

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    You got this Mr Chuck
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