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  1. plumber

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    Anybody got contact info on this male? Pics, where is he located, and what size is this hound? Thanks
  2. Echo Hill's

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    He belongs to Kevin Moore in Houma,La.... He was a quick 13" male that finished quickly in the Deep South Federation ... He is a littermate to the Cotton Country Stroker Ace Male that Gerald Bridges just bought.

  3. deltadog

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    Bo-D will be at stud in Oak Grove, La soon.... Along with D-Bo
  4. Harp

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    hey delta woh is D-Bo
  5. bseger

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    I have 2 derbys out of cotton country bo d and 1 out of bayou blue cajun d bo.All 3 have plenty of foot great hunt and can latch on a rabbit and totaly smoke him. I have a pedigree on bo d i will try to figure out how to post it.Both of these dogs were atstud a few months back with Scotty Pannell and their will be lots of puppies around here out of these two GREAT field champions
  6. Bglenut

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  7. deltadog

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    I will be picking up both Saturday....
  8. huguejm

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    They just left my house. I liked them enough to breed 3 of my best bitches bred like them to them.

    They are real nice houndy 13" males that are quiet in the kennel and both are the real deal. Call Kevin Moore and go watch them run. Bring a good one to gauge them with. You might want to look at their sire Buck. Kevin will run him for ya too. I'm gonna bring a bitch or two to Buck later this year if the Lord allows.

    Should be some real good ones in those 3 litters.

    Mitch Huguet
  9. deltadog

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    Mitch, plz keep me in mind on the males.... talk later!