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This is Trouble

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I'm ready to come watch him run in a few weeks :up:
Sounds good welcome any time:up:
I know I have probally told you this before, but Suzie is one of the prettiest females I have ever seen
That Suzy dog is one fine animal. She is a monster.

I think she is the backbone of Rob's success. You could breed that bitch to a fence post and get game splinters.

One real good, well bred, producing bitch will fill your kennel with good dogs for a lifetime. They are priceless!

She is some kind fine looking.

Rob needs to send her to me to let me raise a litter with her. He would never regret it but he's way, way, too hard headed. He won't even come down to hunt, fish and run dogs with me. I would bring him on rabbit hunts, duck hunts and speckeled trout and redfish fishing trips of a lifetime!!!! I'll ga-ron-tee him he's never seen so much game and fish on TV but no ole Rob's too GOOD to mix with MY KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you guys haven't figured it out yet OLE Rob, is a Raciest and a Biggot.

Yea he smiles and talks nice to me and Red but he truly detests racoon-asses that live in Mississippi. ( Red-asses). Red is a MIC (IRISH) and he don't like them either. He won't come and stay at the house with me and Booger Red cause he don't want to sleep and eat where we do. I know what it is he figures we live way too nasty for him to sleep and eat with. I told him to pull a camper and he won't even have to use our bathrooms.
He's probably scared he or his hounds will catch somthing bleach won't take off. Bless his little racist heart we love him anyway and we are [a prayin fer him.] Did I say that right Rob? See I can speak Ar-kan-saw?

Be sweet.

Mitch Huguet
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You no what I think of Trouble, got my gyp bred to him right now. Sitting here counting the days:thumb:
Nice looking dogs there Rob's Blackcreek.:up: If you (or anyone else) know of anyone in NC that might have some well breed dogs (Blackcreeks) I'm interested in looking at them. Thanks

I like a flat medium speed.
I second that motion there mister Briarhound would like to get in to some of that bloodline myself.Thats some awesome looking hounds man!:up:
Boys i just breed 3 gyps out of my Suzy Dog & thanks She`ll be hear till she dies, And also Peggy Sue Singing Dixie, both are 2 very strong Bitch lines. I am now working on my third generation AKC MH FC. I now have 6 champions breed out of my yard. Folks think cause i run two couple pack trials that there real slow but there not, just good sold med. speed hounds. I have 4 hounds out of Duce & Suzy & 3 hounds out of Suzy & Rambo, all 2 year & under Also have grand pups & great grand pups getting ready fer next season And have litter out great grandson breed back to his great grandmother 3 wks old. Am breeding a half brother & sister out of Suzy in mornen, if i just get one that will rank as her & produce as she, i`ve hit the lotooo

And T-BOY MITCH why you are you so full of crap, BUGAR red must be a fine gal ta put up with you. Been tryen ta call ya fer 3 days now , quit yacken & runen around & answer ya phone. I am so broke i cant aford gas ta get there T-BOY you by me bus ticket fer me & a 4 pack of hounds? When you sending me my gyp, i want gooden or just bring her to me or are ya to scrared to come, arkansas bugers wont hurt ya to bad only ell hurt fer little bit Plus Mitch if Suzy goes i go with her, you got room fer us both
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I would add this i am in no way trying to brag em up or toot my own horn. Just been very lucky at breeding to get the hounds that i like best. They are not for evey one, i try breeding them fer what i like & thats all that matter at the end of the day, have a gooden yall

T-BOY Mitch whats the matter you dont call or even answer my calls, does this mean the honey moon is over LOL
Mitch, we need to get together and run some dogs... When it gets to hot for that we can hit those red fish...

We'll turn some hounds loose in the marsh and then go fishing.

We'll stop back on the way in and see how many hounds the alligators left us.

Rob you don't leave no message on my machine sugar and if you need big daddy to come and get you I sure will.

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am, I'll come running, to see you again!!!!!!


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the weather is warming up. lets go back to that speckeled trout part.
Rob & Mitch - we all just need to meet at Deltadogs and turn loose some hounds. He has 500 acres to run on, so we could have a 30 Pack and see who runs the rabbit. His place should be about half way from Rob's and Mitch's .

Deltadog will cook the Catfish and have all the drinks.

You just set the date and I will try to be there with my culls.
Sounds good! Better hurry them sketers are about to wake....
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