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Blackcreek History

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BLACK CREEKS - Mr. John L. Landrum was an old brace trialer, sometimes when raising pups he would get some that were not suitable for brace trials. He would sale or sometimes give these to people who rabbit hunted. Mr. Malcolm Pearson and Mr. Alan Williams were two of those people, Mr. Malcolm used Black Creek on his and Mr. Alan used Grapevine and Ox Bow on his, but both were Skullfork rejects. Black Creek Polly II and Dolly were two of these dogs. There were times when Mr. John would give one away and later see it run and try to get it back. This was the case with Polly and Dolly, he had started breeding gundogs and was trying to get AKC to sanction gundog trials. When he saw Polly and Dolly run he knew they had something to offer in the gundog world. After failed attempts to buy them Mr. Malcolm agreed to let him breed them. He bred them to Southfork Jo Jo three times and then Mr. Malcolm decided that he could do the same thing and keep all of the pups. So he bred them the next two times to Jo Jo also. now this was a real good cross that produced many that became foundation of numerous kennels. Then Glynn Windham bought Black Creek Polly II for $1000.00, this was around 1980, he first bred her to Sudon's Drip, then to Mountain Run Jake twice producing Glynn's Smooth-on Preacher, Glynn's Smooth-on Simon, Sudon's Sueller, Glynn's Smooth-on Lou, and Glynn's little Millie. He later bred her to her grand-son Ben's Creek Sparky, only had one pup, Glynn's Little Timmy. Now this is actually where the Black Creek name gained recognition, one great producing bitch Black Creek Polly and and one great beagler who made her famous, Glynn Windham. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, while Mr. Malcolm Pearson is an outstanding, christian hearted man and a good friend of mine. He was blessed first to be friend with John Landrum and Glynn Windham who both played big roles in the Black Creek recognition. Then he was blessed to be a tight wad who would not spend money on a stud fee, he only went outside his kennel three times that I'm aware of and two of those were dogs directly off his females. He started with two producing bitches and was too tight to pay a stud fee, so being a producing family already breeding them to each other just produced more of the same. But the fact is if it hadn't been for Black Creek Polly II and Glynn Windham we wouldn't be having this conversation today. She is behind all the Black Creek and just about all the Skullfork pedigrees that were used to develope these lines as we know them today. Just for the record there are no Skullforks alive today and very few Black Creeks. Some people call them Black Creek when in reality the fourth or fifth generation is the closest you can find dogs bred by Malcolm Pearson. My opinion is if he didn't breed it then it isn't Black Creek. That's enough for now, more later maybe.
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Interesting read I didn't know that much about were Blackcreeks came from.Thanks for the post.
Then Glynn Windham bought Black Creek Polly II for $1000.00, this was around 1980
I wonder what Mr. Windham saw or knew to make him pay that much for her?

$1000.00 would be alot of money for a beagle today. Imagine how much it was almost 30 years ago.
That was a pretty good history lesson. I do think that the there are still Blackcreeks today. They are not the mainstream, but there are several dedicated breeders that study the breeding stratagies and running style that Mr.Malcolm was driving for and these guys work hard to preserve that. I see way too many hounds that are only related 3 generations back that are so similiar, that a person can't deny that the Blackcreeks have emerged as a true strain of beagles in every sense. Keep up the good work Ben.
Here is more to read of what was copied above.


Troy is one of the few that know the real stories from the 2 men that raised and bred Blackcreeks/Skullfork hounds.
I used Robs Diamond 11 for the rock on black creek and considered dogs comming from him as true black creeks. does anyone share tis opinion or am I in left field ?
FC Robs Diamond II - sorry he was no where near Blackcreek Breed.
That was a pretty good history lesson. I do think that the there are still Blackcreeks today. They are not the mainstream.
They are not mainstream but they still place at the national level every year. But with my time with fooling with bc's it seems like there are 2 different styles people are running.... But we all like our things/triats in dogs. BC's have given us the best of both of those worlds.Of course I likem to run some bunny. Thats the traits I intend to carry on.
This is an interesting thread and I enjoy learning how foundations of different breeds got started. I know more about coonhounds and foxdogs than beagles so I appreciate the history lessons of this breed. Thanks

There is a 9 year skullfork male on beagles for sale right now tempted had one years ago awsome hound breed him to my best gyp pups were awsome gundogs the male was a tough super strong male wouldn't mind making a cross to him
How far back does the breed go the male I owned I purchased in 1993 do u know if skullfork was some cross and what was it thanks
Luved reading this thought it would be interesting to get some more intake on this subject
The dog sir watson was some where in there somewhere . Grandfield Fairs (I am not good at spellin) owned sir watson.I also seen pon run teddy run.I bought a Oxbow bloodline female. We run her in a ox bow of a river in Louisiana.That was a LOOOOONNNG drive down there.I went to breed to back woods buddy once.The person that owned buddy had just built a new house.He told me which dogs to look for in a pedigrees.
Backroads Buddy


If you came to Louisiana to breed to Backroads Buddy the guy with the new house must of been Lonnie Richard, now in the Hall of Fame. Lonnie lives in Church Point, La. He owned Buddy for a short time and had just finished a new, huge, beautiful home about that time. Acadiana Beagle Club still holds its monthly meeting there.
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