Blackcreek females for breeding ...

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  1. Bglenut

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    If you know anybody that wants to let me borrow any Blackcreek females for breeding. I would be glad to breed them to FC Briarcreek Major Pain or FC Briarcreek Little Droopy.

    I will give them back the female and raise all the pups till they are 7 to 8 weeks old. They can have what they want out of the litter as long as I get at least a pair of pups out of the deal.

  2. rosco

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    check with Kevin

    Check with Kevin Moore. I think he an Mr. Bobby are trying to build some black creek.

  3. i didnt realize when i talked to u earlier but my buddy has a sister to chicot. shes in heat now so he can send her before her next cycle if you want
  4. Bglenut

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    He's not going to breed her now?
  5. Bglenut

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    If it is not tolate - see if she can be bred this weekend - I will be at the Southern States Championship in LA Froday and Saturday. I could pick her up here.

    Needs a Current brucellosis test

  6. I'll check and let you know.
  7. how those peds ronnie sent you look
  8. Bglenut

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    He sent them to my wifes work and she forgot them - I will see them tomorrow when I go eat lunch with her.
  9. I thought about it today and I got one I'll send you if you want. Her sire is Ron Leb's Comeback Crook II (Im sure he's in a ped Ronnie sent you) and her dame is a granddaughter to JR's TJ on top and Ritchie's Briarhill Dominoe on bottom. It you can access ped creator look under Robin's Bright Star JoJo. That is a brother to her dame. She a month or two shy of nine years old. She was bred one time to Steve Porier's Oak Ridge Buddy and saved all the pups. She last came into heat in October so she is due soon unless I missed her but I done believe I did. Let me know what ya think.
  10. Bglenut

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    We can try her if you want too.
  11. I'll talk to my wife about possibly beinging her up there tommorrow.