Blackcreek female

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  1. I have a female just under a year for sale. She is a good started dog just needs more tracks. I will show the dog in the field.

  2. Send me your email and I will get ya a pic.
  3. I am asking $250 for her.
  4. Bglenut

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    You have a pedigree or know what is in her pedigre.

    Sire ?


  5. She is a upper med speed dog. She does not bark early and is the faster of my blackcreek dogs. I have only ran her about 10 times since she has started. With that being said she just needs more ground time.
  6. I have taken this little gyp out a few more times. She keeps getting better with each outing. I think she is going to make a heck of a rabbit dog. She also stands good so she should do good on bench. If intrested I will work with a person on the price.
  7. I would like to see pic and pedigree if possible. Thanks
  8. I have sent the pic.
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    Thanks and I havereplied to your email and PM
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  11. Have you sold her yet? Where in Ark. are you?
  12. I still have her and live in central AR. If I don't sell her by end of the month I will keep her for awhile.