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Blackcreek dogs win today

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Hey guys Ole Robbie called and he won First Place at Cotton Land Two Couple pack today.......Congrats to Robbie and the dogs
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Thanks guys. Was proud of my hounds they did great job. I ask they judges on there pack score & it was 100 % no extra mouth , no pop in check all super hunt all sloted when needed no hook or skirten all scored check.
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Great job Robbie, its not all the dogs, there is a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into it on your part.
Thanks Hoop & Jefff ya are right it takes lots of work & following & select breeden. And it coast a lot to do this, but i new the hounds was worth it & they proved it
1st Place?????????/


I thought I got first place!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, I got first place in the Clubhouse snoring contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Robbie!!!!!!!!:applaud::applaud::applaud:

I guess I need to get me some real TCP dogs, those old meat dogs did a pretty good job though. Sure wouldn't give them for some of those that ran in a straight line and never shut up, judges got em though and the best pack won!!!!!!!!!!!

John T.
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Congratulations, shure sounds like you have a very nice pack of hounds!!!!!
Thanks guys, Mr John i watch your hounds run & they are nice pack of hounds , ya just had a little bad luck with your rabbit. Some of those bunnys have a PHD:D
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