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I just started breeding hounds again after finally finding a female I liked.
She is 4 years old, her first litter she had 8 and raised 8 (Wasn't mine at that time). After I bought her,
Second litter, had 6 raised 3. She did not have enough milk.
Question is, if I breed her again what is the chance she will not have the milk again?

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Clearly she had some underlying health issues as that shouldn't ever happen with less than 9 pups. I've had some issues in the 10 -12 size litters and generally now put the bitch on free feeding Pro plan 30/20 from the last 3 weeks on through weaning. Short answer, it should not repeat itself if you get her in top internal physical condition ----if she is over 6yrs old thats another topic and varies from bitch to bitch as they age and incur hormone changes.
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