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Discussion in 'Field Trials' started by rosco, Mar 25, 2010.

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    We were at the deep south run a couple of weeks ago and noticed you donated jackets to the winners. Those mule jackets are nice .I am sure S:idea:anta will drop a couple off at my house this year.

    Thanks for the support. I have a great idea :idea: for you. The winners are already as happy as people on welfare at the first of the month. Why not donate those jackets for the first dog up in each class. You would still be helping the association and damping the blow of embarssment of the poor indiviual that had his dog picked up first. Just a though.

    I will need a large.
  2. Bglenut

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    Come see me at the Next trial you see me at and I will donate a hat to you and your son.

  3. RKW

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    Rosco, danged if that wasn't a slick move right there. lol You and Blevens aren't related are you cause that sounds like something he would come up with. He will be jealous of you for sure! lmao

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    I just laughed my butt off. :D
  5. Man I wish I thought that. I would be sure to get that jacket.
  6. Man I wish I thought of that.