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Nice looking dog!!! She looks like a true rabbit dog. When I was a kid, my Dad had one that was just about that color. I heard my Grandfather and others in my neighborhood say she was the best rabbit dog they ever saw. Back then the dogs ran loose and from what I understood she hunted everyday. During hunting season if not with my Dad or Grandfather she was running rabbits for neighbors. Then suddenly she would hunt, but if she noticed a gun she would quit and go home. No one knew what happened to the dog they claimed was the best rabbit dog they ever saw or hunted with. Dad bred her a couple times in an attempt to raise a litter which produced something with near the talent she had. She would deliver the litter, but they would start to disappear one by one. Finally Dad realized she apparently was killing and eating her pups. After several attempts of raising with her, he gave her to a relative, Mr. Charles Kidder. He bred her to the best male he had and as soon as she delivered the litter and cleaned them up, Yes she would clean them up, which was the puzzle with it all. She did care for them for several days before the started disappearing. He Muzzled her and watched her at feeding time, allowing her to drink also. She raised the litter which turned out to be some really, really nice dogs from what I understand. I was to young and never watched her or offspring run. I did hear her running many, many times while she was running on the farm. Back then papers weren't important, so I have no clue as to breeding. Just know her color being brown head and ears with speckles just like the pictured dog. She was a small frame dog.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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