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Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by plumber, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Whats some of the best collars you have bought? I am looking for a bright, all year long collar. Thought I would post this for some feed back. Want to get the best bang for the buck. Also saw some chain collars on some studs posted on espo, with name tags. Anybody no where these are?
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    I use the chain collars, they are made by slip check and they are as advertised they will most likley out last the dogs and the puppys can't chew them up. The website is Good people to deal with. I have had them around 6 years.

  3. I love the dayglo collars. they are easy to see, helps when the dogs are running in the brush, plus you can get different colored collars for each dog, and when you ask your buddy if "Willie" is over there and he says, "well, somebody is over here," you can ask him what color it is. :D They seem to wear out pretty quick though. Two years on one is good.
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    2 yrs about what i get on mine
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    Slip Check collars are the BEST on the market, buy they do cost a little more. They will last longer than the dog (in most cases).

    The 1" Dayglo collars are great if you are running different dogs and they look a lot alike. You can put different colors on each hound.
  6. All my hounds sport Slip Check....