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Had some great races this morning and a little luck. Best time this season with son and one of my good friend and hounds man. Had 6 up took 2 down son was 1 for 2 gun Jammed on second one from first one he took out..He had his great great granddaddy’s old Remington simauto 20 gauge.A good friend of mine and very old house man was one for four.He young age of 69 .. and just getting over the Covid virus a month ago .Has’nt been out in a while he had a great time six shots with one good Rabbit sites was awful little today.The hounds is done extremely well For only been out a few trips this season.They put the pressure on them all morning. My good friend and Hounds man How to get a parrot or two the hounds caught it about 50 yards from where he took the shot.Some old hillbilly rabbits had run the two that was shot for over an hour and a half straight a piece.Not including the miss shot and draft fired.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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