Bee stings to dogs mouth

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Jabshier1, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Jabshier1

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    Other day I was working my wife texted me just a soon as I was finishing up my shift on my way home . Apparently my wife let dog outside my dog roams around yards she knows the boundaries she doesn’t leave the yard she cane back inside looking like Bullwinkle ! She must of caught a bee in mouth . My wife put her in dog cage until I got home she came down in garage to my work area and collapsed on floor under my desk it started to look serious she was breathing hard, throwing up every 5 minuets, I knew it was bad... I hurried up and gave her some Benadryl she kicked out of it 3 hours laters swelling was going down today she seems fine back to herself ... never thought an bee sting would be that bad

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  2. Gpen08

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    Possible snake bite?
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  3. Grizzly creek beagles

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    Poor girl that must of been terrible glad the Benadryl did the trick and she’s feeling better
  4. Jabshier1

    Jabshier1 Well-Known Member

    No venomous snakes in my area we have them in state but not around me in the city there has been a lot bees in my yard this year we also have a bunch wild flowers growing off one corner of our property full of bees right now
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  5. will messer

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  6. Jabshier1

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    That’s possible too I have seen yellow jackets as well whatever it was that stung her, it sure messed this pooch up bad for 3-5 hours Made her really sick and hard to breath (possibly cause of area where she gotten stung inside the mouth making it hard for her to breath)
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  7. LtELmer

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    my dogs bite bees and kill them in the kennel
  8. Rabbitfootforme

    Rabbitfootforme Well-Known Member

    I need to get me something for snake bites, any suggestions? copper heads are bad in our area...
  9. Ken's Kennels

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    Glad you were able to get on top of it. I had a lab one time that ate or was stung by something. His head was as big as a dang basketball.
  10. Jabshier1

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    I heard few members on here dogs gotten bitten by venomous snakes , they did mention giving a dog Benadryl for snake bites .... Also sadly a few member’s dogs also died from snake bite depend on which kind of snake bitten the dog ...

    I had give Benadryl to my dog other day for first time I never had to use it ... I never though bees or wasp or what ever she took a hit from in mouth would be this bad , we all were chuckling saying how cute she looked just like Bullwinkle the moose We all felt guilty in house afterwards for teasing her after we seen how bad it was to the dog ... I guess some dogs do have mild allergies to bee or wasp stings... I’ll be keeping Benadryl handy from now on , that’s were I learned this from good members on here
  11. Rabbitfootforme

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    I think your right Jabshier, the way the Benadryl kicked in, she has allergies to a certain type of bee for sure... you just reminded me I need to get something for snake bites... I lost a female once to a snake bite, never found snake, I would say a timber rattler as fast as she went. We have a few copper heads around this area.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    This is a good example why you should have a DOG FIRST AID kit for situations like this. I am glad your dog Jabshier1 had recovered successfully.
  13. wad

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    My dog seems to almost enjoy a honey bee fight, they get to hanging on the water pans this time of year. I saw a cicada killer the other day, It might of been one of those. As quick as they kill a cicada Ide bet there sting would be bad.