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Bedding for Whelping Houses

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What do you put in your dogs houses for newborn bedding? I have a female about to whelp pups soon and my wife wanted to know if we should put different bedding in the house so I told her I would consult the experts and get back with her.:up: Thanks for your suggestions.:wink:

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unless the temperature is really cold, I would not put anything in there. the mother will keep those pups warm, if it gets to cold i would put a heating lamp, but no bedding. I have seen and heard of pups sufficating and getting some of the bedding in their mouth. just my opinion, but no bedding if at all possible.
Thanks Ninja that's what I usually do. Sometimes I just put a good carpet on the floor to keep them from laying on a cold plastic floor on top of concrete. I was wondering if anybody used anything else.
If possible I would put them on wood rather than plastic, it will be a lot warmer. I personally don't like carpet, I think it irritates new born pups, I would get her in a wood box with no bedding if u can, I have had a lot of success with this. Whatever u put in there, if the moma don't want it in there, then get it out, afterall she probably knows more than we do. Just my two cents. Good luck to ya.
I like to place newspaper in the whelping box prior to the female's whelp date. She will shred them up when pups start to be birthed. The paper will absorb alot the liquids and tend to help the female with clean up in the box . I clean the paper out after all pups are whelped and will allow pups to remain on wood flooring if its not too cold. Never use plastic or any slippery surface as weaker pups tend to fall behind as they can't push to the female as easily as the more vigorous pups. Also be sure to use a pig rail inside the box to protect pups from being laid on or crushed against the side by the female. This will save some pups in litters born to inexperienced females.

I would just leave them on a wooden floor momma will keep them warm if it gets really cold I would use a heat lamp. Also I highly reccomend some sort of pig rail to protect the pups from being smothered like echo hills said it will save you a lot of pups over time.
I like to place newspaper in the whelping box prior to the female's whelp date.
Thats all Ive ever used and most of the time I dont put anything down. Youll have to change it often though cause itll get pretty wet especially right after the birth.
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