Beagles Running Rabbits & Deer

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by marshall dillon, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. marshall dillon

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    I was letting my dogs run one around the house yesterday morning . I was setting on the back porch listening to them and I looked in the back field and saw 3 bucks . The dogs were burning a rabbit up , and it didn’t faze the bucks . They looked that way and kept on eating . They know when you are hunting them . I don’t believe running beagles during hunting season effects them one bit .
  2. 5 Solas

    5 Solas Well-Known Member

    100% agree. I just wish the deer hunters would understand that. lol


    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I agree, as long as the dogs show no interest the deer will do their thing, walking around, eating. You can not tell that to a deer hunter. Heck coyotes come under the tree blinds and deer will still come in. What's the difference?
  4. Shoalbranch kennels

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    Whoever is absolutely right about you can’t tell that to someone deer hunting your one of the million reasons they might have not killed a deer that day and your not gonna change there mind
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  5. TRK

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    There are several bow hunters that hunt near my house and they are the same way. They think the deer are going to leave because of my dogs. What they don't realize is I run here all year long and the deer are so used to it that they don't pay any attention to it.
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  6. Circle4p

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    The thing is these folks don’t know. They’ve never hunted around dogs or with dogs. I’ve saw first hand sitting in big cutover while hunting deer with dogs. The hounds be running a bunch coming off the next ridge, I’m talking about 10-12 and you see them splitting off, when they finally come by there’s 2-3 the dogs are after. All the dogs do is make them move around not leave the country. It actually helps especially if you are hunting big hardwoods on the ground. But nobody hardly knows how to do that anymore. Jmo
  7. Jabshier1

    Jabshier1 Well-Known Member

    I had young buck other day standing there looking at my dog 25 yards away while she was yapping on a rabbit, that buck didn’t care about the dog or me at all ! 7CD6F2BF-8002-474E-9D49-3D1FCC10DFCF.jpeg
  8. mattdog

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    Most good dogs that don’t run deer aren’t going to bother the deer much if at all. However , on the family property we have had MANY occasions of loose dogs running deer. Some were beagle/ beagle mix , some were pit bulls , other mixed breeds as well. When you’ve been hunting hard and finally have some deer coming toward you only to have dogs chase them away it don’t leave good feelings. There’s been years where almost every day we were there dogs were chasing deer.
    If those deer hunters haven’t seen dogs in the woods that don’t chase deer they may not believe it.
  9. Curnel

    Curnel Well-Known Member

    Agree 100% Mattdog been there before and most of the time its been mixed breed mutts
  10. ruger

    ruger Well-Known Member

    While I think deer get used to beagles that don't run them and stay around, I don't know if a big trophy buck would tolerate it. Kinda got my doubts.
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  11. Jabshier1

    Jabshier1 Well-Known Member

    2 years ago me and a friend was running dogs and a big 150-160”class 10 point came out of brush In front of us all about 60 yards away walking while 6 hounds were hammering the heck out of a rabbit, the buck walked up hill right in middle of it all and stood at top of hill watching the race for about a good 5 minuets ... I tried to get a picture with my phone he was way to far for a good picture he was a Big boy ! Make any bow hunter happy to slap a tag on him for a wall mount, numerous times I’ve seen deer standing around watching the dogs and the race as well ... I think they are more curious than being spooked
  12. TRK

    TRK Well-Known Member

    One of the biggest bucks ever killed in the county I live in was killed inside of a running enclosure that had dogs running in it a lot. He had been seen in there many times. There have been several other large bucks that have been seen in there over the last several years.
  13. benham

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    A friend of mine had some nice big bucks in his training pen , every once in a while a young dog would get after them , that’s how we used to break them from running them , those deer would make a couple laps in the enclosure then they would jump the fence , next day or so they would be right back in there , is place has a lot of nice deer and we run every weekend , IMO don’t hurt them to run dogs around them at all .
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