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Beagle Restrictions on Ark Game & Fish

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As most of you know the Game and Fish had some of their meetings this past week where the public can come and speak their mind on hunting regs. I personally did not see it, but was told that in Thursdays paper there was an article stating some of the suggestions. According to the phone call I received a bow hunter reported that he would like to see them restrict squirrel and rabbit dogs on Wattensaw during deer season. Again I got this second hand but if anyone has a copy of Thursdays Ark Democrat I would love to see what was printed, and would like some suggestions on how we could organize to oppose it. This would be one more step in taking the sport we love away from us. You know it won't stop there. I have no idea what the game and fish does after one of these meetings and what steps they take with these suggestions. Any input would be great!
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Its true. There is a post about it on ArkansasHunting.net.

I dont hunt there but its public land and someone that wants to use dogs to hunt rabbits or squirrels should have just as much right as someone that wants to bowhunt on it.

I dont know how to let them know how you feel about it other than a phone call or email.
Maybe they shouldn't let anybody bow hunt on it as long as there is a rabbit or squirel season on it. This makes just as much sense ( no sense at all)
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