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  1. I was just wondering what kind of reaction I would get. My question is how many of you beagle owners would run for cash prize? Like have a small fee and pay 80% and the 20% for use of land.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    The foxhound guys have been doing just this for sometime now. I personally don't think its the way to go because people tend to do crazy things to win a little cash. Beagling is too much fun without having to worry about trying to win a pocket full of money. Give away usable prizes instead like leashes,collars,mule chaps :wink: etc JMHO

  3. TDOG

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    I agree with echo money ruins everthing
  4. Bglenut

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    The Two Couple Pack people have done this in the past by using the Cash as prizes. It has worked for them. I like it better than a trophy that just sets and collects dust.

    Some Clubs also give out cash as their prizes in the Fun Trials they have also.
  5. FB

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    Doesnt PKC do that?
  6. RKW

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    I'm pretty sure PKC does. I wouldn't mind winning a nice pair of those Mule chaps that James was talking about but I would probably have to borrow one your dogs FB.

  7. FB

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    I havent seen one for myself but from what Ive heard, my dogs wouldnt stand a chance in a UKC or PKC trial.
  8. beagleman01

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    thats what i have heard also