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Beagle Health

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For those who are just getting started, or those like me that have trouble remembering ....

Maintenance for healthy hounds.

Fresh Water every day... some hounds are picky and will not drink water that has a stale smell.

Do Not Over Feed... about a cup and a half or maybe a cup and three quarters a day is enough for a beagle. Establish a feeding time and stick to it as best you can, this will keep the out put regular so cleaning the kennels is not a constant chore as well they eat and digest better on a schedule.

Heartworm PREVENTION - Ivomec (not Ivomec plus) monthly by mouth. use 1/10 cc per 10 lbs of body weight. Mix the dosage with some koolaid (sugar free of course) so it does not burn the vocal cords and it tastes pleasant.

Regular Worming - Valbasen Quarterly (every three months) by mouth. 1cc per 10 lbs of body weight. Just draw it up in syrenge and squirt to back of throat. Stool will be loose for a few days afterwards.

For the older hounds (or if you just want a ounce of prevention) - Hip Help with feedings. This is a Creatine, Glucosamine and MSM powder that helps the joint tissue stay plyable. Great as a supliment to prevent tissue damage on these active hounds, and will help the older hounds stay active and less artheritic pains.

Flea and Tick control !!! - Frontline + monthly - you can buy the large dogs doasge and split one vial amongst 6 beagles for two months. One box contains three vials, so that box will last 6 months for an owner of 6 beagles.
be sure and keep the kennel / yard free of insects by spraying. Concrete or gravel floored kennels are great for this reason.

Clean Kennels at least daily - Owning a pack of hounds is not a part time job, and to keep them healthy they must have a clean environment. set a time of the day EVERY DAY that you will spend cleaning and freshening their kennels.
This will go a long way in keeping healthy hounds. Not to mention, with the new laws, the authorities out of your kennels.

Hygeine - this is of contraversy I know... but I prefer. at least once a month I bathe my hounds, this keeps skin irritations down, Dead Hair removed, flea control... and of course, a clean hound is a pretty / handsome hound.

And finally - but equally inportant - nothing replaces the services of a good vet. Our jobs as houndsmen is to prevent visits to the vet, but we must realize our obligation to the hound and take them when necessary. Know you hound well enough to realize when there is a problem, not acting right, not eating right, slow to recover from running etc. When you feel there is an issue... take the hound in... you owe that to them.
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Ive heard alot of good things about Valbazen and might give it a try.

The Frontline is money well spent imo.

Another thing that works well on fleas is Bayer Tree and Shrub. Just apply it to their back just like you do the Frontline. I usually put 3cc's on each dog. It doesnt seem to do much for ticks.
This is some good info; thanks for posting ddetar00 :up:
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