BCS National Championship

Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by Crofford, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Who do you guys think will win.Personally I think Alabama is going to win by a couple of touchdowns.I haven't been to impressed with Texas this year,but who knows they are kinda like Arkansas sometimes they play really well then the next week don't look that good at all.If Texas shows up to play it could be close.
  2. I think Alabama will win .I think Alabama defence will be to much for Texas offence

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    Its hard for me to root for Bama but its dang near impossible for me to root for Texas.

    Im going with Bama mostly because of their defense.
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    SEC cant be touched, as all will see again this year. Roll tide!!!!!!!! By the way just watched a espn classic the other day from 1980, when the Hogs played Bama in the sugar bowl.
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    I sure hated to see McCoy go out like that I hope his injury is not to bad he seems like a good guy and I know that had to suck not getting to play.I think Texas would have done better if he had been able to play but I still think Bama would have won.Bad thing is we will be hearing ESPN say what if for the next week.SEC dominates college football I don't know how anyone can argue past 4 national champions and 5 of the last 7 imo it would have been 6 of 7 if they had let Auburn play USC when the trojans won a couple of years ago.Like I said I hope McCoy isn't hurt to bad and it doesn't affect his draft status I hate to see that happen to anyone and I wonder if it could affect Arkansas I don't think Mallet is ready for the NFL but after Sam Bradford gettting hurt and now Colt McCoy he may decided to go while he has a chance instead of risking getting hurt.