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  1. How much Bayer do you mix with a gal of water to put on dogs for fleas and ticks.
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    The formula of the Bayer stuff changed a few years back. Not enough of the active ingredient of the stuff that kills feas in it now.

    1. Flea control

      I have been using Dominion. It has the same active ingredient as in Advantage for dogs. The active ingredient is Imidacloprid 21.4%, in Advantage the percentage is 9% . The 2L bottle is 27 ounces. I pour 9 ounces into another bottle and add 18 ounces of water and shake it up well bringing it up to closer to the same as Advantage. Once a month I apply 1 1/2 CC to 2 CC on the back of my dogs starting from the neck working it back using a syringe, once a month. I do it at the same time I ivermic my dogs. No more fleas at all. It takes a few days for all the fleas to disappear, but once you get the cycle broken you will no longer have fleas. This stuff is very concentrated and you will have plenty to spray the ground around the perimeter of your kennels to get those on the ground, again once the cycle is broken you won't have fleas. I have been using this for several years and is the best I have used. I had tried the granules, didn't keep the undercontrol unless used often. My son has ground kennels and always had flea problems until he started using it. Once you break the cycle you no longer need to spray the ground. It isn't expensive and will last a long time. Others use the Bayer and Tree stuff, the active ingredients in the Bayer is only 1.47% so no strong enough. Works to some extent by not like the Dominion.

      Sold as termite treatment. (does work well for that also!!) Your dog will not have termites, HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is where I order my Flea control, a $20 bottle will last you forever if mixed to the directions I posted above.

  3. Thanks Mr. John a ton of help. Need to know, I have had a lot of ticks getting on my dogs this year after running and needed to stop it. Can't see then like i use to and they can get a dog down pretty quick.
  5. Where can this be purchased an does it work on ticks
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    Open link below, you can order form this company, good people to deal with.

    I'm not sure about Tick prevention. I have actually left a tick on a dog that I knew was there to see what would happen and when I returned several hours later to feed the tick had fallen off in the sleeping quarters and seemed to be dead along with a couple others I hadn't noticed. In Advantage for dogs which is the same formula, it isn't described to be useful for tick prevention.
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    Try the scalibor flea & tick collar. Works great. We are loaded with ticks in our area.
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    Ive used bayer a long time.Even with less of the main ingredient ive had no fleas using the same dosage(4 to 5 cc on beagle,8cc on mt.curr).Not diluted .But it dont work good for ticks for me.Id change to something better but bayer is a cheap method.Going to look for the dominion.