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  1. I have the G-2 tritronics trashbreaker exp. How long can I expect the batteries to last before I have to start replacing them. They are placed on the chargers as soon as I return home and are left there til I am ready to go again just like the manual says to do.
  2. I`ve had tri for years & never had one go bad.But i dont leavem on charger either , only time i chargem is when i feel they need it. This is my third set, started with old classic 70 2 dog , then classic 70 4 dog & now Classic 70 g2 6 dog

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    I didnt read that part. :smack:

    I just charge em up every three or four times that I use em and take em off when the green light comes on.

    Ive had two go bad on me. I just called Tritronics and gave em the serial numbers and since I hadnt had em two years they sent me brand new ones.