Bad cut on leg

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by Crofford, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Crofford

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    A couple of my dogs got in a fight yesterday and one of them ended up with a pretty bad tear on her leg.It is about 2 inches long it wasn't bleeding just tore the skin bad it looked like you could put your fingers in it and peel her hide back like a rabbit.I put peroxide in it and tried to clean it out and put some antibiotic cream on it.I have moved her to a welping box that is cleaner than her pen they are on the ground no concrete.I am giving her some antibiotics to try and keep infection away.I was just wondering if anyone had any advise on what to put on the cut I thought about having it stiched up but I bet it is expensive do you think I can treat it and it heal up or should I have it stiched she is a good dog I want to do whatever is best.
  2. Bglenut

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    Personally - I would take her to the vet.

    Just my Opinion

  3. RKW

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    Crofford if it is 2" long I would take her to the vet.

  4. rebelbeagle

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    Vet let them sew it up for you.