At what age?

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by intrepid, Mar 10, 2010.

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    Just wondering at what age you guys really start pouring the coals on a young hound? Just curious i got a young starter , been working with her every day but i been keeping her down for only about an hour or so. Four months.
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    I usually don't start them until 9 months of age.That's usually when they are finished playing and ready to get serious in the starting pen.

  3. here is my philosophy, i dont have adult beagles. I do, however have some pups, so i work with what i got. they are 10 weeks old now and ive been working with them nearly everyday since they were 6weeks.i started by throwing pieces of hotdogs out for them to find, then i killed a rabbit and keep its hide in the freezer to take out from time to time for training use. i drag a line with it all over the back yard and those little boogers will follow it's scent right to the end once i turn them loose. i haul them around in the truck on weekends, i bring them to the woods and let them sniff around while i relax. theyve tasted rabbit and know what they want. i just figure once they get old enough, they'll start..and they'll be away ahead of the game, cuz i "started" training them so young.
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    starting pen at 6 months old and run run run as soon as they get out of the pen. IMO they cant learn setting in the kennel
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    Thanks for the replys i don't think i ask my question right. She is already running her own rabbit in the wild. Just wondering, basically at that age how much is to much. I know when there young you should keep there training session short to keep them interested. Just wondering about time limit for running at that age, and when to increase training time from say 1 hour to like 2. thanks for the replys.
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    I run them as much as i can until they start making to many mistakes or developing a bad habit then i lay them up a month and then start over
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    As soon as they start I like to give them all they can stand. If you see them starting to get a little dis-interested you can back off. A young mind can learn a great deal very quickly. You need to be very carefull of what you run a pup with because they can learn bad tricks.
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    I solo them when i start them,until there about a year. I might put them in a brace here and there but for the most part there soloing for there first year.