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Asking Prices in Today's Beagle Market

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I don't know if its just me or have any of you noticed some of the prices people are asking these days. I am blown away with folks asking $3000 and more for hounds with a win and a few places that have gotten too faulty to place anymore in their areas, FC studs that nobody is breeding to because they can not reproduce even themselves much less anything better and hounds that are off ole so--so that have mates that have finished and have won at the national level (yee haw). I know, I am getting old but come on , there are just so many fools out that are willing to part with their money looking for instant success. Opinions appreciated and needed as it may be just me......

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We may be in recession but there's an awful lot of money being spent on sub-par dogs. This could be causes by: 1. There's more money out there than we think, 2. A lot of People are completely ignorant of what a good dog is, 3. Your right, too many people are willing to part with their money looking for instant success.
I think it was P. T. Barnum that said "A sucker is born every day"
I agree. If it is the flavor of the month just name a price and you will get it. What happen to good dog men doing there job by not selling that junk or is all about money?
James, I agree! Case and point. I finished Barn Hollow Brandy as a Field Campion. In three breedings to quality males (one twice) she only produced one hound of her quality. She was as good as I ever hung a collar on but just could'nt put it in her pups. That's hard to admit when you think as much of a hound as I did her. I keep her til she died and have gotten several good hounds from her grandaughter!
i agree! there is a fella i know that owns a rangerdan female he was asking $1000 for her. i have seen her run she is not worth that much not even close. he sold her to a guy because of the flavor of the month.
some people has got more than money than they have sense when it comes to something they want
Kindda like going to buy a pick up truck. I reckon as long as people will pay it, they're gonna charge it. Honestly though, they have priced me out of the game. Good thing I can still pick up a grade puppy for free if I look hard enough.:up
I have heard people say whatever the market will bear, but it seems like if you stick a price on it sooner or later some fool or " sucker " according to P.T. Barnum, will pay it. Some dogs are certainly worth more money than others. If money is no object, go for it. :up:
I just hate the idea of these guys trying to make money off these dogs. thats not what it is about, its about the dogs chasing rabbits and us enjoying it. if i have a dog that does not suit me, i sell it, but for a reasonable price. I think a good dog is worth $300 and a really good dog might be $400-$500, but no way is a dog worth $1000 or more.
Some good points made in response to my question. I believe if you want quality it will certainly cost you more and I don't have a problem paying for an item if the perceived price is in line with perceived value(sounds like a lawyer huh) I see people place ads for a well described hound, both good and bad traits described, and they place their price @ $250 . These guys get no interest in their hound but if they had placed a higher price say $500 with the exact same description and they would get swamped with calls. But the quality is still at the same level, just jacked up the price. Totally ludicrous.... Thanks for letting me vent a little. :banghead:

Had some lemon spotted pups back in the fall, tried to sell em for $50 a pop, couldn't seem to give 'em away. Actually thats how I did finally get rid of them. Anyway, the guy turns around and sells them for $150 .:headscratch: Go figure. But on the other hand, the pack of grade dogs I got, if I sold them for a $1000 each, I'd still be losing money on them. Just think about the feed, the shots, and all the leg work you have in a dog by the time he's 3 years. Although, I'd rather not think about it.:smack:
Guys I know there are times when folks are forced to sell their hounds. Family issues, finances or whatever. But if a guys not selling out, why would he sell a good one? I read an add in a racoon hunting magazine once that hit home with me. It was an add promoting a Stud dog. At the bottom of the page it said "Pups availible at times". "We don't sell good finished hounds, don't know why anyone else would either". Just something to think about!
one thing that aggervates me is when these guys advertise a dog as not a "cull". unless you are selling the whole pack, you are culling a dog which means it is a cull!!!!!!!!! that does not mean that it is a bad dog, it just has some traits or characteristics that you don't want, which makes it a cull. I have seen some "cull" dogs that were outstanding as a meat dog. I also get tired of seeing these ads that say "outstanding jump dog", why would you sell an outstanding jump dog, because regaurdless of what other dogs you have, you have to get a rabbit up to run it. If a dog beats the brush to find a rabbit, it will stay with me, because those dogs are hard to come by, some people seem to have a lot of them!! Sorry, these are just two things that aggervate me along with these high prices, is false advertising!!!!
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I think your right James. I guess the higher you price a dog the more people will think its some kind of super dog. I believe I would have to try the dog out for 2 or 3 years and see how a couple of litters of pups turned out if I was buying it for a breeding dog before I would spend over 500 dollars on it. I know a guy that had a dog that 2 other guys wanted and they would'nt take no for an answer so he threw out a price of 7500.00 dollars hoping that would send them on their way.By the way the guy did not want to sell the dog. Well a few hours went by and the 2 guys pulled back in his driveway and handed him 7500 cash. Is that rediculous or what?
I need a fool to come by here...... Can leave address or phone number or what ever is required!!!!!!!!! $7500 oh me......
$7,500.00 gets all dogs, new Heritage dog box, new Garmin Astro 220 with 2 dc 30 collars, Tritronics EXP G2 with 2 collars, 20 Ga. 870 Express with a case of shotgun shells, and my very best wishes. :D:D:D

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