Arkansas State Proggresive Pack Hunt

Discussion in 'NKC' started by beagleman01, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. beagleman01

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    The Ouachaita River Beagle Club will be hosting the progressive pack state hunt this weekend 3/13/10. the clubhouse is located off bingham rd in little rock. if anybody would like to attend or needs directions please feel free to call. deadline will be 6:30 my phone number is 501-680-6902

  2. Tim,
    what style of hound is running in Progressive pack these days. The dogs that I am running are very similiar to the earlier Progressive Packs but the last trial I went to was almost 10 years ago and the dogs were faster and rougher.

  3. beagleman01

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    some still a little rough and fast. but it is getting better i think alot of the judges are getting better at getting the rough ones up and that helps alot

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    I'll never forget the cast you and Dennis judged at the U.S.hunt 1 year.Yall picked 3 dogs up and had 3 left down.It slowed the packed down and you could throw a blanket over those 3 hounds and they really worked the track better with less breakdowns.Good luck with your state hunt.Hope the weather is nice with some good running.
  5. beagleman01

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    usually get 1 or 2 up and the pack dose settle down suppose to have great weather hoping for a good turnout
  6. FB

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    So how did the hunt go Tim?

    How many dogs did yall have and who won?

    I intended to go but my father in law came up with something for me to do so I couldnt make it.
  7. beagleman01

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    we had a total of 50 hounds, 23 opens, 13 champions, and 9 grands.
    Avery Thomas won the opens with Cash, I won the champs with my Buster hound and Bobby Adcock won the grands with his Swing dog. Lots of good running and lots of rabbits. everybody seem to have a good time. We had 6 states represented and dogs from 5 different states placed in the trail.
  8. FB

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    Congratulations to all of you.

    I figured there would be a good turnout.

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    no complaints thought we would of had more dogs but ok i guess