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Discussion in 'The Tailgate' started by RKW, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. RKW

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    Well I may have to add tonight's edition of Arkansas Outdoors to my favorite hound movie list. They had a rabbit hunting episode on TV and there was ole Crofford hunting rabbits and representing the sport very well I might add. I was proud to see one of our own or at least one that I knew on TV and they were killing rabbits too! Way to go Crofford. :clap:

  2. FB

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    Ive got that set to record and I sure hope it got that one.

    I knew they made it but I didnt realize they were going to be showing it again.

  3. RKW

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    Freddie if you remember Scotty Stewart the guy that rode with me to the Mid Ark field trial, he was the one who called me to tell me it was on rabbit hunting tonight. As soon as he saw Crofford he called me back and asked me if that was the same Crofford we met at the hunt. I didn't recognize the others. Were you on there?

  4. beagleman01

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    man wish i had seen it
  5. FB

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    No, I wasnt on there. They actually filmed that two or three seasons ago if I remember right.
  6. I wish i would have seen it to
  7. plumber

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    Wish there would have been a heads up on that one. Didnt even no it was showing:banghead:
  8. Crofford, I sure hope you remember us little people now that you have made it big. Danged ole satelllite t.v. :smack:
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    We filmed that in 2008 the last weekend of the season.It was a lot of fun,not the best hunt, but a lot of fun still.We were supposed to film it two weeks earlier than we did at a different spot,but the cameraman's wife broke her leg the day before and had to have surgery the day we were supposed to hunt.We had a special little honey hole set aside just for that hunt and since we didn't know if we would get a chance to film the hunt again we went ahead and went the next day and man we tore em up.I think we ended up getting 9 or 10 that morning and had some awsome races I sure wish they could have filmed that one.The spot we ended up filming at was just down the road from my house and had been hunted pretty hard that year.The other guys in the video with me were Jeff Berry ( Ninja Turtle ) Sonny Simner,and Jeff Koonce.We sure had a lot of fun and I hope we get to do it again in the future.I have a copy of the hunt but it's kinda hard to watch one of the dogs I had in the hunt was a young pup named Pepper she was about 10 months old and was well on her way to being an awsome little dog,she drown running a swamper into some flood water 3 weeks after that hunt was filmed.There is a close up shot of her in the hunt and every time I see it it still makes me sad.
  10. beagleman01

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    sounds like ya'll had a blast
  11. Not one single time has the outdoor channel called me to film my dogs running.:headscratch:
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    Man, wish I would have seen that.
  13. FB

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    It didnt record for some reason. :smack: